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Grieg Suites Chocolates was created by a man named Thomas Kraft with a deep passion and a vision in mind. Creating Greig Suites Chocolates through the mixture of the finest ingredients from Norway and other places through Europe & a famous Norwegian Musical Composer. Edvard Grieg is a famous classical music composer from Norway.


Each and every aspect of this one of a kind luxury dark chocolate is grand. From the musical notes beautifully placed on the Gift box to the elegantly written signature on this delicious chocolate, everything from appearance to taste is magnificent.


 Grieg Suites Chocolates are award-winning luxury dark chocolate pralines enriched with marzipan.  Our chocolatiers perfect mixture of these unique ingredients is what creates this remarkable and enjoyable taste.


We designed Grieg Suites premium dark chocolates using only the finest ingredients to ensure the most high-quality dark chocolate and best tasting chocolate pralines in the world. We believe in dedication to only using the best and finest ingredients is what makes Grieg Suites Chocolate so special. Grieg Suites Chocolates truly have a classic look and are one of the most delicious premium dark chocolate pralines ever made.


Enjoy one of our delicious Grieg Suites Chocolates today. We have smaller chocolate packages and large gift boxes as well. So, you will have chocolate options for you and the whole family.


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